Posted on Jul 14, 2020

Wilisef Data Technologies

If you are a corporate company and need to sharpen up the digital skills of you marketing or business team, we might be the perfect ones to partner with. Our in Training Courses will help your employees expand their skill set regarding digital marketing and thus help you increase your business ROI while keeping a control on the training costs.

Every corporate company needs an in house team to manage their online marketing and improve relation with their customer base. Not all of can afford to hire experienced digital marketing professionals to achieve the same. Most of them want their existing team to learn digital marketing skills also along with the traditional marketing stunts. That is where we step in to help you.

Below Are Some Of Our Short Courses

▪ Email Marketing ( A day Program)
▪ Face Book Marketing ( A day Program)
▪ You Tube Promotions ( A day Program)
▪ Twitter Promotion ( A day Program)
▪ Linkedin Marketing ( A day Program)
▪ Instagram Promotions ( A day Program)
▪ Introduction To Web Analytics ( A day Program)
▪ Search Engine Optimization ( A day Program)
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